The sword is a Peter Lyon creation, from the Lyonesse Armoury in Wellington, New Zealand.

I got in touch with him toward the end of May 2000, with a desire to have a good quality replica of a late 10th century viking sword made - with the embellishment of a silver ring etched with the phrase "By the Five hundred and Forty doors of Valhalla" in Norse, at the neck. I supplied this sketch, with the aid of some reference images he'd sent me, and we worked out the details over a couple of months (me asking many questions, and him answering each one with great patience!)



The technical details... the Blade is 80 cm long, the grip (cross & pommel inclusive) is 14cm, for a total length of 94 cm. Two leather overgrips have been provided, (one as a lace-up, the other as a wrap).

The weight of the sword is 1.4 kg, the scabbard is 0.7 kg, total combined weight = 2.1 kg.

The Blade is fullered, it and the cross and pommel are steel. The grip is mahogany, and the tang passes through it and the lower half of the pommel (two piece, five-lobed) which is riveted together.

The 18 mm wide band at the neck of the hilt is silver, with engraving.

The scabbard is 84 cm long, Rimu wood with felt lining, covered in leather, with lacquered steel and brass fittings.



As for the phrase "By the Five Hundred and Forty Doors of Valhalla"? Click on the image of the engraved silver thingy!) - it'll explain where this all came from!


4th January 2001 - took it to the same places as the claymore. The hill damn near stuffed me this time! Adventure enough for now... or is it?

Postscript: At the time he made the sword for me, I was not aware of what Peter was doing for the LotR films, only that he was involved somewhere. I'm therefore doubly grateful that he took the time to make this one, after all that sword-making! While not related to anything in the films, (it wasn't part of the plan), its' Norseness kinda fits into the scheme of things, yeah? I like that. ;)





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