viking #2...

Hanwei Viking (top) ; Peter Lyon Viking (bottom).

Hanwei with Scabbard.

The Hanwei Viking..

Purchased on the 19th of December, 2001.

It is a Hanwei "patterned blade" Viking model that they call the "Godfred", but for me, I think I'll find a different name. I find it to be light and well balanced. This is also apparantly a newer model - older ones had a fuller finishing short of the guard.

Sword and Scabbard - 1.7kg (3 lb, 4oz)

Sword Alone - 1.05kg (2 lb,4oz), 89cm total length.

While the patterning isn't as darkly pronounced, or definitively patterned as true pattern welds are (eg. this bar), it's still pleasing, and within a price range I could manage at this time! Not discounting the possibility of seeking other pattern-weld blades, but it's a good start... :)

Small note - the edge, while finely honed, does not seem to be of quite the same hardness as my other swords - I am told this varies from blade to blade in this line, but the corner edge of a bookshelf made a very small dent to it (easily mended). As such, it is a bit of a glorified wall-hanger, but nice for the price.

(The dent was an accident! Honest..!)

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