"Ahhh precioussss... we likes the pretty patterns we does!"

It's nice to have a piece of steel - especially pattern weld - at the "potential" stage - where it has not been made into something... yet!

This piece is 48mm x 300mm, and about 5mm thick. (1.9"x 11.8", 0.2"thick) The pattern is made from a mixture of 1080 and L6 steel (my technical ignorance of their relative properties shames me here, but those who "smith" will hopefully understand more than I!)

It was made by Matt James - a producer of pattern-welded steels - in Taupo, New Zealand. He does a variety of patterns: ladder, mirroring, water - these were some of the samples I saw recently (including this piece), at a national "Knives" showcase held in Auckland.

For folks interested in contacting Matt, click here

This piece appealed to me for its coiling flowing appearance. :) I'm thinking maybe a dagger along a Norse theme perhaps... !


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