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HwaR Beorn?


Mandagr ţrettándi, month 6. Ţúsund sex hundrađ átttu tigir ok fimmti.

The weather here is very cold. Kirstin is eating of tofu recently, and Beorn understands this thing not at all. Litlauss, lítill of taste, and having no meat at all. Clearly the cold weather is affecting of her brain - such as it is.
Winter is sometimes the hard months, for there is nowhere to be going, and not much to be doing, which makes for the observational writings, quite the smallness. He is sometimes pretend to be Frĺm the Innacurate (with a better helmet like
this one being), travelling the world on his duck-billed spoon.

Beorn saw, recently, a fine book on the Tapestry Bayeux. Kirstin suggests that Beorn be taking up needlework to pass the winter months - but Beorn is saying no thankyou. Besides, he is better at knit. Not by much, but even so. He once make a warming vest for Frĺm the Inaccurate.

Et war lítlu big, but then the Ugla attack from behind...

But through his cleverness, Frĺm leap out and ensnare Mr Ugla in his own kyrtill!

Agh, Beorn is needing of better entertainments than this.

Once upon a time, he is used to the kaldveđr, with his warm clothings, and good stout leggings. But the so changing weather of this country has made him weak like a half boiled egg, and now is Beorn feeling of the cold. Fortuitously, Kirstin is owning of a gym membership with access to a nice room of steamings. Sometimes the mennr af Rómaborg got things right, Beorn must concede this. And maybe it is time to partake of a little heitr vín, for that warms the belly most pleasingly.

~ B

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