HwaR Beorn? (Who [is] Beorn?)

A character I write with, in the attempt to make learning Old Norse easier and fun, with the aid of an excellent book - "An introduction to Old Norse" by E.V. Gordon; Second edition - revised by A.R.Taylor, Oxford Press.

The small glossary at the back contains many words, one small problem - it goes from Old Norse to English... but not back again! Still, the hunt makes for an enjoyable hobby when the mood strikes.

Blogiţrótta is a word of my coining, its translation is literally "Blog-skilled." ;)

The motive for this writing, is to help me learn O.N. words, so that I may read the sagas someday in their own language.


Given lots and lots... and lots.. of time.


;) ~ K. Wright.


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"Beorn" character, "Blogiţrótta", and text © 2003, Kirstin Wright.