Whilst not bearing the Gränsfors Bruk stamp, the axe does bear the monogram LE, presumed that of Lars Enander, a worker there. (It was among several axes by that company, on display.)

Purchased from the shop "Handfaste", in Stockholm, Sweden.

The head is well forged, and very sharp! :) The shaft is Hickory. It is nicely weighted, and splits wood and coconuts with equal efficiency. (I don't generally make a practise of splitting coconuts with axes, but it was convenient at the time... ;)

The axe is based upon traditional wood cutting axes of the Viking period.

1.1kg (2 pounds 7 ounces) is its weight, and the centre of balance is about four and a half inches down the shaft from the neck of the axe. (Hringebu is the name I have given it. I think a translation might be "the House of Rings" - for what reason, I don't know, other than I like the sound of it!)