The Claymore...


To take this photograph, I hiked up to the top of the hill of my Aunt and Uncle's farm, "Ardlamont", in (Wendonside, Southland, New Zealand), getting there just before sunrise (7.04 a.m.) 18th February, 1999. I carried with me, my replica claymore (of course!), a tripod, and a camera with a self-timer .

The sword itself was made in mid-'98 by Peter Lyon of Lyonesse Armoury (Wellington, New Zealand), one of the first three he made with a "fuller" groove, the blade is made of sprung steel, the grip of mahogany (Tang passes through, peened at top of pommel), the crosspiece and pommel in bronze, with a neck of brass. Total length, 60".

It's 2.9 Kg (6.4 pounds)

For the longer description of the events behind the taking of this photo, click here.

To view the sword itself in more detail, click the image below.



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