About Kirstin.

After the planet had been orbiting the sun for a few billion years, two people had a "bit of an accident" in the 1970s, and Kirstin was born!

At primary school, she garnered first prize for her chocolate fudge.

Several years later, she graduated with a degree in graphic design, and promptly became an animator. Which goes to show that nobody knows what they're doing, really...

For the past 16 years Kirstin has worked in visual effects for film and television, doing such animation as may cross her path. You can see a bit of it here. (Warning, may contain horror!)

Extraneously, she does the usual reading, writing, drawing and stuff.
She can also make a mean sandwich thanks to her stint as a deli-worker in 1990.

As shown elsewhere on this site, Kirstin has a small but pleasant collection of pointy cutlery, an interest in stereography, and a tendency to muck about with pianos in other people's homes.

She likes historical things, and fantastical things, and plausible creatures.
She is very deeply interested in character - character work, character design, and of course, character animation.

Heroes: Jim Henson, Terry Gilliam, and improvisational guru: Keith Johnstone.

Kirstin enjoys games of many stripes - card, board, and computer. She is interested in game theory and storytelling.

She also did a stint of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Tai Chi, for several years. This means she is professional at noisemaking.
(except maybe the Tai Chi, that was pretty quiet.)

She really likes Nyckelharpas. Really. Don't get her started.