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The site of Kirstin (or Kirsten, as some friends mis-spell it!) aka K. Wright a.k.a. Animbus, a.k.a. Tblue. Combination of interests: Animation (job), Puppetry, Movie Scores (moviescores, soundtracks), Swords (Norse "Viking" and Scottish), and axes, Old Norse, Icelandic language. Drink experience is Mead, mead and mead! Stereophotography, bronze age history, photography in general. Illustration work, and the rantings of Beorn the Reluctant, in Blogiūrķtta (sometimes spelt Blogiprotta). Sites = Caberworld, & Ledgecentral - where you are now. Has travelled to the U.K., Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Resident of New Zealand. Intergalactic Space Penguins in the 48 hours film competition! Have a nice day. ;)